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Network Security

Like most small businesses, you probably have confidential and personal client and company information stored on your PCs and servers.  This makes you a target for hackers.  Don't assume that since you are a small business you won't be targeted.  Small businesses are easy targets because they usually don't have adequate security practices and measures in place. 

There are different hardware and software solutions available to ensure your network security is locked down.  CBSI will work with you to determine your best solution depending on your data stored, security comfort level, remote access requirements, budget, etc.  Additionally, there are also best practices for your employees to follow that will also protect you, such as, strong passwords, Internet usage policies, restricting use of personal email, etc.  Office wireless networks are a favorite target for hackers since they typically are left unsecured or with minimal security.

Allow CBSI to perform a thorough network security audit to determine if your data is adequately protected from hackers.  This will include fully examining your PCs, servers, passwords, routers, modems, wireless devices, etc for security deficiencies.  CBSI will then discuss with you your security improvement options to fully secure your network so that you may have piece of mind.

Don't just assume your confidential and private data is from hackers safe, get the CBSI assurance.

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