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Virus and Spyware Prevention and Removal

Viruses, spyware, and mal-ware are the scourge of the PC user.  Literally every PC user is at risk from these rapidly changing, growing, and spreading infections.  Many users are infected and don't even know it.  Traditional viruses are received through emails, however, you are potentially even more at risk to become infected though everyday web surfing and instant messaging. 

Infections can cause many different problems for you.  Among those, redirection to unwanted websites, use of your PC as a Spam server, theft of your personal information, keystroke loggers to record your every keystroke, bombardment of pop-up ads, failure to boot, theft of your credit card and banking information, etc.

CBSI has a proven track record of successfully removing these infections without losing your data.  CBSI responds promptly to these situations as we understand the repercussions to your business when a PC is down.

CBSI will provide you with the recommendations and knowledge necessary to combat and avoid these problems.  In this battle, you need an excellent defense to protect you against the daily onslaught of viruses.  Fortunately, many different hardware and software solutions and products are available for your business and CBSI will work with you to provide the most appropriate solution according to your needs and budget.


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